Most Popular Lease Searches – March 2019

Most Popular Lease Searches - Audi A1 Sportback

Top 10 most popular new car lease searches by brand on

This month’s top 10 is split equally between premium and volume brands. The former lead, if only slightly. Audi and Volkswagen, the top two marques, were close together but well beyond Mercedes. The one switch this month was Skoda displacing Honda.

1.  Audi
2.  Volkswagen
3.  Mercedes-Benz
4.  BMW
5.  Skoda
6.  Volvo
7.  Land Rover
8.  Ford
9.  Nissan
10.  Seat

Top 10 most popular new car lease searches by model on

This chart tends to be more volatile than most others, because lease deals are often used as brief sales boosters. Hence the propulsion of the Mazda CX-5 to first place from outside the top 10 and the unexpected appearance of the Vauxhall Adam.

1.  Mazda CX-5
2.  Nissan Qashqai
3.  Skoda Karoq
4.  Volkswagen Tiguan
5.  Ford Kuga
6.  Seat Leon
7.  Range Rover Evoque
8.  Vauxhall Adam
9.  Seat Arona
10.  Volvo XC40

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