Most Popular Used Reviews – March 2019

Most Popular Used Reviews - Nissan Qashqai

Top 20 most popular used car reviews on

A couple of large and once-pricey premium SUVs feature in February’s top 20 most searched-for used models: the BMW X5 in fourth and the Porsche Cayenne in 13th. Both of these models are now old enough that the price range is very wide.

More mainstream models nevertheless dominate, with the Nissan Qashqai, Ford Fiesta and Land Rover Freelander remaining the most popular.

Once again, it can be seen that Vauxhall is more popular among What Car? readers researching used cars than new, with the Mokka and Astra just inside the top 10.

Of the same ilk is the Volvo V50 estate: it was never a big seller when new, but it has long been a popular choice on the used market.

1.  Nissan Qashqai
2.  Ford Fiesta
3.  Land Rover Freelander
4.  BMW X5
5.  BMW X3
6.  Ford Focus
7.  BMW 3 Series
8.  Volkswagen Polo
9.  Vauxhall Mokka
10.  Vauxhall Astra
11.  Volvo V50
12.  Skoda Yeti
13.  Porsche Cayenne
14.  Mazda CX-5
15.  Volkswagen Tiguan
16.  Peugeot 3008
17.  Mercedes-Benz C-Class
18.  Skoda Octavia
19.  Honda Civic
20.  Volvo XC60

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