Seat Leon Competitor Insight

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While the single biggest challenge to Seat’s class-leading family car comes from the Volkswagen Golf, its overall biggest threat comes from fellow VW Group brand Skoda, which has three of its models represented here.

Indeed, while much of the competition for the Leon comes from within the family car class, Skoda’s Kamiq and Puma are both from the small SUV class. And with the addition of the Seat Ateca from the family SUV class, this shows that Leon buyers are certainly aspirational – and as well they should be, because the Ateca is currently available with savings of up to £3922 through our New Car Buying Service.

The Leon itself is also available with substantial discounts. In fact, with buyers able to save up to £9056 at the time of writing, the Leon has the largest savings of any family car.

1. Volkswagen Golf – 4.1%
2. Skoda Octavia – 3.9%
3. Ford Focus – 3.1%
4. Skoda Scala – 3.1%
5. Vauxhall Astra – 2.8%
6. Toyota Corolla – 2.4%
7. Audi A3 – 2.2%
8. Ford Puma – 2.0%
9. Skoda Kamiq – 1.9%
10. Seat Ateca – 1.8%

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