Target Price Market Report

Segment Analysis: Executive Cars

Executive cars have the second highest average cash Target Price discount within our all-segment analysis, at 8.8% or £3589 per car.

This represents a below average reduction over the last 12 months at 14%, in relative terms, and we have noted that executive cars is one of seven segments to have had a month-on-month increase (+0.3%).

The average cash Target Price discount drops to £2672 per car when consumers buy using a manufacturer-backed PCP deal which typically offers a 4.8% APR and includes an average £1979 per car finance deposit contribution.

Volkswagen, Mercedes, and Volvo dealers offer the best average cash discounts with 19.4% (£6072 per car) on Passat models, 17.7% (£7087 per car) on C-Class versions and 7.6% (£3585 per car) on S60 variants.