The most popular videos on What Car?’s YouTube channel over the last month

Top 10 most popular videos on What Car’s YouTube channel

Our experiment with What Car?’s first drag race looks to have paid off, because the electric quadricycle group test featuring the Citroen Ami and some of its rivals was our most viewed video for the third month in a row last month.

This was partly helped by the news that the car is going to go on sale in the UK – something that hadn’t been confirmed when the video was first released. The analytics show a big jump in views from the day that was announced, giving it something of a second life.

It also earned us the most new subscribers of any other video released this year – proof that it’s worth trying out more videos like this.

Elsewhere, it’s been good to see the diary fill up with a lot of new launches, which provides us with great opportunities to create videos. The Kia EV6 was one such successful launch, as was the Cupra Born which already made it into our top 10 for the month despite only being published a few days before the time of writing.

It’s much easier to keep the channel busy when there’s a natural stream of new car launches happening, so let’s hope that continues.

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