The most popular videos on What Car?’s YouTube channel over the last month

Back in May, we released a static walkaround video of the Honda HR-V – we showed the car for the first time, talked through all the details, but didn’t get a chance to drive it.

Since then it’s gone on to become our third most popular video of the year, recording more than 575,000 views.

That video took off instantly, so we knew then that it was very important to follow up with a full review of the car as soon as it was possible to do so.

Last month, we finally got hold of a drivable, production-ready HR-V and shot a review. While it hasn’t quite reached the same heights as the walkaround, it’s been one of our most popular reviews recently and is continuing to pull in decent numbers.

But even that has been unable to topple the drag race off top spot – it has been our most popular review four months running (and most popular video of the year).

A slight disappointment this month has been our Tesla Model Y review. Given Tesla’s track record of achieving very high viewing figures, we had hoped it would be more popular than it is. But lots of other channels released Model Y reviews on the same embargo, and have also been rather quiet by Tesla standards. This could be because, although no one in the UK has driven the Model Y until now, it has been previewed online and available in the US for what feels like a very, very long time already.

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