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News that the government has cut the grant for electric cars has lead to more people researching zero-emission models this month, likely to see if they remain eligible for the grant. Indeed, traffic to our reviews has likely been pushed by some manufacturers launching new variants specifically designed to take advantage of the grant – for example, Kia has launched a new version of the perennially popular e-Niro in long-range 64kWh form which falls just under the £35,000 cut-off point.

Elsewhere, interest in our 2021 Car of the Year, the Dacia Sandero, has begun to wane this month, with our review of that model falling from ninth to 19th position. Having already fallen three places over the previous month, we’d expect this review to fall out of the top 20 next time. The Sandero’s more rugged cousin, the Sandero Stepway, is placed just outside our list this month, in 21st position.

Buyer intentions are clearly shown in that all bar one of our top 10 reviews are taken by SUVs, but interestingly the Skoda Kodiaq is the only large SUV within our top 20 – the rest fall into the small or family sized SUV categories. With showrooms due to open over the next month, it will be interesting to see how our top 20 shifts next time.

1.  Volvo XC40
2.  Skoda Karoq
3.  Volkswagen T-Roc
4.  Ford Puma
5.  Kia e-Niro
6.  Skoda Kamiq
7.  Tesla Model 3
8.  Seat Ateca
9.  Ford Kuga
10.  Volkswagen ID.3
11.  Volkswagen Tiguan
12.  Range Rover Evoque
13.  Hyundai Tucson
14.  Peugeot 3008
15.  Toyota RAV4
16.  Kia Sorento
17.  Skoda Kodiaq
18.  Ford Mustang Mach E
19.  Dacia Sandero
20.  Honda Jazz

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