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The main feature showcasing the results of our 2021 Reliability Survey shot to number one last month, thanks to the restarting of our weekly class-based stories that push traffic to it and to the 2022 Reliability Survey, which is now open.

Readers’ interests have widened recently, too, with more wanting to find out about hybrid cars and SUVs, and to keep up to date on the latest on the computer chip shortage, pushing our story on this up to fifth position.

Electric cars also proved popular, but in contrast to previous months when readers wanted to know about cars already on sale, they were more interested in the models going on sale soon last month; perhaps this is another indicator that they’re resigned to waiting for longer waiting times on new cars thanks to the chip shortage.

To capitalise on the demand for used cars, we’ve brought the older car reliability feature forward to our February 2022 issue, so next month we’ll have new data to use to promote Britain’s most reliable used cars and other used reliability content.

1. What Car? Reliability Survey 2021

2. Best electric cars 2021

3. Most reliable car brands

4. Best hybrid cars 2021

5. Chip shortage – how long will you have to wait for your new car?

6. Best family SUVs 2021

7. Best electric SUVs 2021

8. Electric cars coming soon
9. Best small cars 2021

10. Revealed: Britain’s most reliable used cars

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