Toyota Yaris Competitor Insight

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The biggest challenge to Toyota’s super-economical small hatchback comes from our favourite small car, the Honda Jazz. Both the Yaris and the Jazz offer hybrid power in a practical and compact package, so it’s little surprise that buyers consider them to be chief rivals.

The larger Corolla family hatchback comes in third place, suggesting that some buyers are willing to look further up Toyota’s range. Meanwhile, Ford is the only manufacturer to have two of its models represented here – the Fiesta and the Puma – with the latter being the only SUV in our list. This reveals that even among small car buyers, the lure of the higher driving position and chunky styling which SUVs offer will, for some, be too much to resist.

1. Honda Jazz – 7.9%
2. Volkswagen Polo – 4.1%
3. Toyota Corolla – 3.7%
4. Ford Fiesta – 2.6%
5. Ford Puma – 2.4%
6. Dacia Sandero – 2.3%
7. Hyundai i20 – 2.0%
8. Seat Ibiza – 1.9%
9. Audi A1 – 1.9%
10. Skoda Fabia – 1.7%