What Car?’s Auto Response

What Car?’s Auto Response

What Car?’s Auto Response Increases Ready-To-Buy Customer Enquiries Three-Fold

· Retailers using What Car?’s New Car Buying platform can now create an automatic response to quote requests on all their vehicles

· Auto Response helps retailers focus on customers who are closer to buying their next vehicle while giving those enquiring a more tailored quote

·Quotes can be fully customised to either match or beat What Car?’s Target Price offers

Retailers using What Car?’s New Car Buying platform can now automatically respond to online quote requests thanks to a new user-controlled Auto Response feature, which has already delivered a three-fold increase in follow-up enquiries from ready-to-buy customers.

The system tackles the time delay between consumer’s enquiring and getting a response from a retailer by providing a swift, tailored automatic response within minutes of the original enquiry being made. With customer expectations met, they are responding to the quotes in greater numbers than ever.

“When the phone rings, the customer expects it to be answered after a few seconds, not minutes. The same expectation is now levelled in the online journey,” explains Rachael Prasher, managing director of Haymarket Automotive.

“Given 48% of buyers now tell us they will source the price of their next car online, the first to answer competitively invariably gets a head start in catching the sale. It’s common-sense really, but the challenge is always a human-resource one. This technology now answers that need for retailers, and thereby meets customer expectations.”

What Car?’s research also shows the Auto Response platform is increasing efficiencies for retailers. The retailers on What Car?’s New Car Buying platform using Auto Response are now receiving more than three times the amount of follow up enquiries from customers in comparison to retailers who manually respond to enquiries. Auto Response has also cut retailer response times to consumers by 52%.

Developed in conjunction with retailers, the Auto Response platform can be fully customised so that users can tailor quotes in real-time to either match or better What Car?’s Target Price on all of their models, depending on market fluctuations or business needs.

Retailers can also over-ride the automation at any stage and respond to potential buyers on an individual basis and turn the service back on during busier periods to ease the pressure on sales staff.

What Car? is visited by over 2 million consumers every month.