What Car?’s Power To Inform – March 2019

What Car?'s Power To Inform

What Car?’s Power To Inform – Honda To Close Swindon Plant

There’s no doubt that What Car? is seen as a reliable news source when motoring and automotive industry stories make the national press, and this is shown in online traffic.

The revelation that Honda will close its factory in Swindon, Wiltshire in 2021 made nationwide headlines. Some news sources were quick to blame Brexit as the primary cause, but What Car?’s story was a more balanced reflection of the multiple factors, which include Honda’s laggardness with electrification, the new Japan-EU trade deal and threats of tariffs from the US.

Traffic to whatcar.com’s story spiked from the 18th of February through to the 22nd of February. Click here to read the full article and here to see even more evidence of What Car?’s Power To Inform.

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