What Fuel tool relaunch

What Car? relaunches fuel calculator

What Car? has relaunched its hugely popular ‘What Fuel?’ calculator this week to help car buyers establish whether petrol, diesel, hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric power is best for them.

Users answer four questions: their typical annual mileage, usual journey type, whether they have access to an electric charge point and how far their longest journey is. They then receive recommendations as to which power source suits them best.

The information is presented using a traffic light system, with all the pros and cons of each choice highlighted so that buyers can make an informed decision on what car to buy.

The tool was originally launched in 2018, having been developed as a response to growing feedback from car buyers who said they were increasingly confused by the options developed by car makers in the quest for reduced emissions.

The calculator has been revamped because buyers continue to express concern about working out which fuel is best to suit their personal needs.

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